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Cancellation of an Activity


Our tours offer limited space to maintain their boutique feel and our personalized pampering service at its best. All sales are final. Please note we operate rain or sun, tours will NOT be cancelled because it is raining. If we cancel your reservation because of a tropical storm, hurricane or bad weather in general, we will offer you to reschedule, we will give you a Gift Certificate you can use in future tours, give to a friend or even sell, with no expiration date; or we will give you a full refund.


NO Gift Certificates, nor refunds will be made to any customer who chooses not to participate in a departing tour due to weather conditions or personal reasons. There will be no Reschedules or Gift Certificates given to no shows or late arrivals.


Excursions can be cancelled up to 48 hours without a cancellation fee. Customers can cancel a tour up to 48 hours before departure and receive a full refund. If you cancel in less than 48 hours of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee. All tours are non-refundable if not cancelled by customers 48 hours before tour departure.


We have no control over any delays or cancellations of cruise ships, or airlines. Please understand that we will be ready to complete your services. If you contact us before the scheduled departure time and as soon as you know there will be a delay, we might be able to reschedule your tour for a different time, or day. If there is no way you can reschedule, then we will give you a Gift Certificate you can use in future tours, give to a friend or even sell, with no expiration date. No shows and no notifications, prior to the scheduled departure time, will receive no Reschedule opportunity, nor a Gift Certificate. If there is no way you can attend your reserved excursion even in the future, you may contact your travel insurance provider. In many cases you will receive compensation.


About Weather and Weather Forecasts:


Weather Forecasts that you read days in advanced, are usually a general synopsis of the forecast for the entire Island of Puerto Rico. Please be aware that most of the time they are not given specifically for the San Juan Bay, where we do our tours. San Juan Bay are calm and protected waters. If we cancel 10 tours in a year, that’s a lot!


Session Lengths


Session lengths are approximate and are given as a guide to the total time you will be at their venue. Unless otherwise stated, you will normally take your turn with the activity supplier's other customers and there may be waiting time involved. Any itinerary provided to you is illustrative only and the order of events may change.




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You will not be admitted if you arrive late. Nor will a refund be made should you arrive late, on the wrong day, or on the wrong hours.


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Most of our prices are for one person, unless otherwise specified. Any booking made or order placed by you, whether through our website or otherwise, shall be deemed an offer by you to purchase the relevant activities subject to these Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change prices without notice. All prices will include Taxes, Management Fees and Handling of 11.5%.


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Are you Ready to Celebrate?  We are.


Celebrating our 25th Anniversary!

First Sailboat Tour & Water Sports in San Juan

TripAdvisor Ranked 1 Winner

Welcome to Puerto Rico!

Over 25 Years of Fulfilled Experiences will guarantee the best service on your deserved time off. Take a Break, Book, Sit, Recline, Relax and Dream.... Let us pamper you on this Lifetime Experience in our beloved Island of Puerto Rico!

Looking forward to sharing with you,

 puerto rico

Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in our services.

In Sailing Dreams we offer a totally different experience to any ordinary tour you may take anywhere in the world. We know you work hard and we know you deserve the best free time, the best vacation ever. We intend to conquer dreams with you, to cuddle your hearts and souls, as we sail enjoying great views of gorgeous Old San Juan Bay and its World Heritage Sites.

We promise you will live that Memorable, Timeless, Relaxing and Totally Pampering experience you ever dreamed with. In Sailing Dreams we celebrate with you the reason that is taking you here: Vacations, Birthday Party, Marriage Proposal, Escape Getaway, Incentive, Wedding Anniversary, Life Celebration, Bachelors Party, Business Meeting, Intimate Wedding, Family and Friends Reunion, Cozy Eco Lodging, etc.

Our services are also natural-outdoors, wellness and healing therapy answers to depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD). Join us to give you a little life sparks to your lives! Maybe you will start dreaming again...

We have expanded our services by adding Intimate Weddings and Cozy Lodgings. Why? Because we know there was a deserted space that we could fill with great services, with intimacy, with coziness, with magic!

Welcome to Puerto Rico and to Sailing Dreams, welcome to our Family. We look forward to sharing with you!

just imagine

And Let's Smile from our Hearts ;) ...
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Our Guests are Saying...
A Few Quotes from Past Guests that Have Reviewed us on TripAdvisor

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Lots of Fun!

This is What They Like...


Reasons why our services are so unique

The Sailboat
Is a Beautiful, Roomy, and Cozy,
Flip It
French 39-footer, Jeanneau Sloop Sailing Vessel, with a unique "Spa Deck" where you may relax your feet on the water.
Flip It
We offer you Comfortable Seating,
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with cushions at the cockpit and individual reclining seats on the main deck. It will be Delightfully Relaxing...
Flip It
We will serve you Exquisite Drinks
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and you may choose from a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones. Drinks will be joyfully served in festive, acrylic glasses.
Flip It
We serve Quality, Delicious Food,
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and we will consider any Dietary Restrictions or Food Allergies you may have, if you ordered meals as part of your tour*.
Flip It
We sail away in a Perfect Timing...
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Because, you want to enjoy the sunset, when the sun is setting. Not before, not after... ;)
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Personalized Services
Give us ideas, we'll make them real.
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Share your dreams with us and we'll help you conquer them. You will be amazed!
Flip It
Attention to Details
Your desires are unique queues,
Flip It
that will guide us to work all those little details that will make your experience an unforgettable one.
Flip It
Professional Services
Committed, pioneer professionals,
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offering services in real "Face Time", since the times when reviews were just simply "Words of Mouths". We will go beyond.
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The Joy of Life!
Is the motor that keep us working.
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We are really passionate with what we do! We will do our best, to connect you to your joy as well.
Flip It
The SPA - A Bonus Gift
The best surprise your feet will have,
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enjoying the ride while being caressed by the warm, salty waters of the Caribbean and a refreshing drink in your hands. Full Relaxation!
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LGBTQ Welcome!

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We invite you to join our venture, while laughing, enjoying great views, dreaming with a better future and dancing to life!

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Educational Experiences
Learning is a natural fun process,
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where we are all teachers and students. Enjoy live commentaries by our passionate local interpreters.
Flip It
Wildlife Spotting
Open your eyes to loving living creatures,
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as nature surprises us when we are less expecting them... We have good chances to spot marine birds, fish, manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, etc.
Flip It
Document Happiness
We will take your pictures or videos
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as long as you want. We respect your privacy. If we take your pictures you can focus on living our unique and unforgettable experiences.
Flip It
We're Caribbean island descendants,
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proud of our heritage and of what we do! We represent the family values that were thought to us by our ancestors. And proudly, we welcome you!
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Restroom Facilities
There are restroom facilities,
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at the Marina and on the boat. The boat has an outdoor shower to rinse off the salty water after sitting at the SPA, or after swimming.
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Celebration Mode
Join our eternal celebration mode!
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From pleasant Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Marriage Proposals, Graduations, anything. Just Celebrate the Gift of Life!
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Always playing "Music with Magic"!
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And always exploring "Magic with Music". We will ease your emotions with our selections, or you may choose your own sounds to fly high...
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Safety First
Your life and safety is our priority.
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Always. Many guests have never been on a boat before. We love to say that you won't join a race, but a pleasant and safe escape!
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Since we humbly LOVE what we do,
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we encourage you to live by this magic principle and great things will happen to you too. LOVE is what we'll share, while we sail with you!
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