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Incentive Programs:

A great way to say Thank You!

Incentive plans are tools used by Successful Organizations to encourage, recognize and reward exceptional performance in their Staff.

Incentive plans typically surpass standard salary and benefit agreements and usually are given in the form of cash bonuses, extra paid vacation days or gift items of non-monetary value.

There are numerous advantages associated with encouraging your sometimes "Anonymous Heroes". It increases the organization's success, as people gets happier and more in the will to give back! 

Wouldn't it be nice to let your staff, joining one of our "dreams", on their free time? Let know your Heroes, that you have found another perfect reason to say Thank You!! We commit with you, that joining us on any "Sailing Dream" is a gift that will last in their minds and hearts forever!!

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Looking for Creative Meetings?

Meet Here!

Successful Organizations know that creating environments for their Key Staff "being creative's", takes work and efforts.

Besides it takes energy and preparation. You don't just show up and flip the creative switch on immediately, in order to give the best of yourself. There is a reason that certain groups and organizations are ultimately more creative than others and that's where success relies.

They are on purpose when it comes to creating the right kind of environment for creativity. They are intentional with "creating the creative" environment, thus creating success for the organization.

We are sure that sailing through the San Juan Harbor, while traveling through centuries of "minds and souls", will be a good reason to switch on the creative button of Key Staff. Let us take care of the details, you just focus on creating, you just smile to success!

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A Perfect Way to Build a Team!

Team building is a philosophy of job design in which Staff is viewed as members of Inter-Dependent Teams, instead of as individual workers. Team building is the key on a day-to-day operation of an organization, which leads to Success!

In our Team Buildings we focus on Developing Creativity, Peers Bonding, Respect for the Others Individuality, Self-Development, and Positive – Effective Communication, Leadership Skills and the ability to Work Closely Together as a Team to Solve Problems. We play here for one day, and then they "play" there with developed team skills, for the rest of time when they are back to work!

Team building with us in our sailboat is practiced through a variety of creative and non-traditional activities, and can range from Basic Sailing Lessons, to Preparing their Meals on a barbecue, to Performing both Water Sports Activities, like Swimming and Kayaking, to Land Activities in Old San Juan, like Geocaching and "Finding Historical Prints", among others.

It takes wise minds leaders to improve team dynamics through successful leadership. The benefit result for the organization, is building an unbreakable and successful unified Team.

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